Since 1928 in Surabaya
The history of Singa Coffee can be viewed as a history of generational changes. The company was founded in Surabaya in 1928 by Go Soe Poei as a small scale coffee powder manufacturer using traditional wood-fire roasting processes. At that time, the vast majority of Singa Coffee customers were Javanese aristocrats and Dutch colonialists living in Surabaya who immediately recognized that the quality of Singa Coffee was a cut above the other 'home-made' coffees available at the time. In 1951, a second generation of the Go family under the patronage of Go See Tjeng r eplaced the wood-fire roasting process that the company had used for the last 23 years with a coffee roasting facility which utilized a diesel-fuelled electric motor. The third generational change in the family that had owned Singa Coffee for the last 67 years implemented the necessary innovations to enable the company to adapt itself to a more competitive commercial world. In 1995, under the patronage of Biantoro Sudargo, the Singa Coffee manufacturing facility was relocated to Gresik in East Java. It was at this new location that Singa Coffee began manufacturing coffee using modern technology, namely semi-automated Lilla machinery imported from Brazil. The third generation also restructured the management system of the company along the modern lines. At the same time, the company expanded its distribution network all over Indonesia, with the exception of Sumatra, with more focus on Central, East and West Java, Bali and the national capital, Jakarta. 2003 saw Singa Coffee in a period of transition as the third generation under Biantoro Sudargo began to divest leadership under the patronage of Pujiono Sudargo.